How A Public Relations Manager Can Help With Online Reputation Management

If you've been placed in the public eye due to your job or something you did, you'll quickly find out how many trolls there are, just waiting to pounce on any stories or sites that are associated with you. And if you were involved in anything even remotely embarrassing, that incident can suddenly amplify across platforms. Trying to handle it yourself isn't advisable -- you need a public relations manager.  Read More 

How To Dress For The Office With A Minimalist Wardrobe

When you're starting out your first "grown-up" job, the last thing you want to do is blow all your hard-earned money on expensive business clothes. Yet if your office calls for professional business attire, you may be at a loss at how to look the part without paying top dollar. Fortunately, as a business woman, you only need a few select pieces to get by. Main Pieces You really only need nine pieces of clothing for the office. Read More